How To Get More & Manage Church Volunteers

Katie Allred

How To Get More & Manage Church Volunteers

Katie Allred

Church volunteers are essential in every church activity because a church is not a business that people who work here make a profit out of it. Here you will need dedicated volunteers willing to organize and manage activities without being paid in return. That is why you should not treat volunteers like they are employees. Manage them like they are your close friend.

Here are 5 ways how to get more & manage volunteers properly.


To get more volunteers, you have to improve your inviting skills or your public relations skills. Learn to talk to strangers! When talking to strangers, you have to be friendly and make sure that they feel comfortable. If you see that they are awkward, you have to show them that you wish no harm and that your intentions are clean.

Once they have warmed up to you, you can encourage them to volunteer for your church. Encourage them by showing them pictures of fun activities or some personal pictures of how being a church volunteer changed your perspective of the church or the religion itself.


As soon as they have volunteered, the first thing you need to do is build a relationship with them. The best way of enjoying church is to have friends that you look forward to meeting when you are attending activities. You and your co-volunteers can have dinner and other fun activities outside the church.


Like all relationships, the best way to keep it is through constant communication and understanding. Here, you can use your preferred social media and create a group for your volunteers. Create two groups, one that is dedicated only to church activities, and the other can be for other things like your personal group chat as friends.


Every group has needs, just like the church’s group of volunteers. One of the specific needs of a volunteer is time. A volunteer volunteers his or her time in the church, which means that they cannot dedicate his time 24/7 to the church. So, before they sign up as volunteers, ask them about their availability.

Another is to know up to what extent they can volunteer; they will volunteer their time solely or their personal properties to be beneficial for the church.


Give recognition for their efforts. Each effort is considered an achievement for the church. Recognition can be in the form of a simple gift. Once you recognize their efforts, surely, they will volunteer again for the church’s future activities.




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