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How to Insert Sermon Slides into Videos

Katie Allred

How to Insert Sermon Slides into Videos

Katie Allred

Does your church upload sermon videos? Most do. The majority of pastors use accompanying slides for their sermon presentations, and it can be a challenge to incorporate these slides into video feeds. Some media teams are able to insert the slides directly into a livestream, while others opt to add them in post. Stephanne Smith asked our Facebook group to impart their collective wisdom in this particular area. Here’s what they said:

For Inserting Slides On Live Streaming

“Our church uses BoxCast for live-streaming and we embed the ProPresenter slides onto the screen of the livestream. It shows on the stream and in the archived video we save to our website and upload to YouTube.” – Jon Ellegood
“A lot of churches put a TV behind their pastor now with just the slides on it. It’s in the video frame, so no need for the post. Plus your pastor will learn to use it interactively too. Could be something to consider. Investing a little time and money upfront would payoff not paying someone 1-2 hours a week” – Aaron De La Wood
Learn more about BoxCast here.
Learn more about ProPresenter here.

For Inserting Slides Post-Sermon

“If post-sermon you can do it with Adobe Premiere, or DaVinci is a free alternative I’ve heard good things about. You should be able just to adjust the size of your slide in DaVinci and have it show over. Not sure how that works in DaVinci, but in Premier, there are video layers, so you can stack them on top of each other.” – Brandon Elder
“I export the slides as PNGs. Then using Premiere I put the video into the V1 layer and playback at a fast speed listening to slide cues. When I hear a slide cue I stop and then insert the slide into the V2 layer. I then set the length appropriately and add cross-dissolves to the beginning and the end.” – Joe Lankow
Learn more about DaVinci here.
Learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro here.


If you want to add slides straight into the livestream, check out BoxCast. Or consider implementing a TV monitor on stage with your pastor. If you’re adding slides in after the fact, check out Adobe Premiere or DaVinci. Use the links above to learn more. And if you’re not sure how to stream sermons at all, check out the related article below. Hopefully we can help with that too!
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