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How to Manage a Successful Facebook Group

Katie Allred

How to Manage a Successful Facebook Group

Katie Allred

Managing Facebook groups is not an easy task. It can comprise of responsibilities such as scheduling events, then preparing for that event, chatting or conducting video calls among members, updating the group, posting pictures, and many more.

Your account is different from your Facebook group; hence, you cannot use the same strategy when managing this account. Here, it needs a sense of responsibility and professionalism. Here are some things you need to know as an administrator of your Facebook group. These will help you manage a successful Facebook group!

1. Decide whether you want your group to be private or public.

Generally, Facebook groups are private. No one can see posts unless they are a member of the group. When the group is public, anyone can join it. While in private accounts, you can filter people from entering the group.

If you do decide to have a private group, you should compose questions to ask those interested in joining. Ask questions that they should know about the church or their interest in the group. For example, how long have they been a member of the church or how where the church is located.

Provide simple questions that will show their interest in being part of the Facebook group.

2. Keep your group active.

Consistently post in the group. Keep members updated and make sure that you host events regularly. It is important that members feel the presence of the group.

Members should be in-the-know of the latest events of the church. Thus, after every event, makes sure that you post in the group. There are not just those who participated in the activity but also to encourage members to join events.

3. Control things that are posted in your group.

Ensure that posts will be solely church-related, and only the administrators of the group can post on it. Avoid unnecessary and improper comments and posts on the group. As an administrator of the group, you will be able to screen posts and comments before they appear.

It is a Facebook group for a church, and it should uphold the same values as if one is inside the church. Respect shall be observed at all times.




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