How to Onboard Staff and Volunteers in Your Faith Community

Jordan Martinez

How to Onboard Staff and Volunteers in Your Faith Community

Jordan Martinez

Many church leaders and volunteer directors say that staff and volunteers are the lifeblood to their organization, especially when it comes to carrying out their mission. Retaining these key members of a community can be a challenge. The good news is, if a team member is onboarded correctly they are 69% more likely to stay with your organization. 

Wondering how you can learn to onboard your volunteers more effectively? We’ve got a great resource available from our friends at Checkr! The team will discuss best practices for onboarding staff and volunteers in your church. 

You’ll hear from experts in the space about:

  • When to introduce safety best practices to volunteer recruitment efforts 
  • How to balance grace with community safety
  • Ways to retain your volunteers for the long term 
  • Safety when it comes to integrating background checks into your volunteer onboarding process


Click here to watch now!

This conversation is necessary and should be something you’re considering as a church leader! The practitioners in this video share their extensive knowledge and experience and will save you hours of research. They make it simple to understand and practical to implement.  


These are the experts you’ll be learning from: 

Jared Tetzlaff
Safety & Security Director, Rock Point Church AZ


Em Farr
Strategic Partner Manager, Checkr


Justin Hein
Associate Manager, Customer Success Engineering, Checkr


James McGarvey
Founder, Church Safety Guys


Jess Lundalh
Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Pushpay




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