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How to Pivot When Plans Change

Katie Allred

How to Pivot When Plans Change

Katie Allred

It’s a Sunday morning. You’ve triple-checked your list. Everything is good to go. But then it happens….. the computer starts updating, the Pastor asks for a last-minute change to his sermon slides (which in reality takes like 15 minutes to change), the worship leaders adds a new song, the mic mysteriously stopped working, the list could go on and on. Because let’s face the facts, no matter how hard we plan, something could always go wrong. Being an excellent communicator comes when we learn to embrace the unplanned and pivot when plans change. Here are three tips on embracing the unexpected and moving forward.


Stay Cool

This is probably the most important piece of advice. It is so easy to become frustrated, flustered, stressed, or all of the above when things go wrong. The most important thing is keeping calm, going with the flow, and making necessary adjustments. As much as we try, we can’t control everything, but we can control how we react, so keep it cool.


Accept It If You Can’t Fix It

Chances are going to come to a point when the unexpected happens, and it’s not an easy fix. Maybe your stream went down, and you can’t get it back up and running. Or someone requested changes to an announcement, but your computer is updating. One thing to ask yourself: “in the big scheme of things, will this one mishap have lasting repercussions?” More than likely, it won’t. Learning to accept the things we can’t control and accept when we can’t fix them will help you stay cool and de-stress. Because when your functioning at your best, you can be the best for other people. 


Invest in Yourself

Learning to invest in yourself and equipping yourself to handle the unexpected will make all the differences when challenges arise. Start investing in yourself by signing up for our She Leads Church virtual summit. We’re diving into how to find Rhythms in your life, including a whole session on “Discovering the Rhythm of Planning When the Unplanned Happens.” 



It’s going to happen. If unexpected circumstances haven’t come up yet or those pesky last-minute challenges, they will. But you got this. Pivot when plans change, stay cool, accept it, if you can’t fix it, and let it be a teaching moment. We believe in you and your ability to handle any situation! 


P.S. For more information on the She Leads Church virtual summit or to register: CLICK HERE!





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