How To Put Out More Content Without Creating More Content


How To Put Out More Content Without Creating More Content


You don’t need to come up with new content ideas every single day. It’s really hard to come up with new ideas as well. That’s where most of us struggle too. So today we will share some content ideas with you which you can use to create more content without actually creating more.

This whole thing is called “Content Repurposing” which means that you use your already existing content to make more content.

Here are few content ideas that you should steal.

Turn your blog post into a Twitter thread.

A blog is the perfect source of content. You can use it at so many places. Turn each blog post into a Twitter thread. Extract key points of your blog, summarise it, make it concise and share it as a Twitter thread.

You can use this vice versa as well. From a Twitter thread, you can make a small blog post for Medium or an Article for LinkedIn.

Turn your Twitter thread into a carousel post for LinkedIn & IG.

This is another great strategy. Your Twitter thread can be turned into a carousel post for LinkedIn & IG. Carousel post tends to perform better than any other types of post. You can use Contentdrips Carousel Maker tool to create carousel posts effortlessly.

Here is one example of it.

Split your blogpost into small quotes for Instagram & Facebook.

In this one, you extract your blogpost key takeaways and make short bite-sized videos and photos that you can share every day on your Instagram, Twitter or any other social media.

You can use Contentdrips Video Maker tool to create short bite-sized quote-style videos for your social media. Here’s one example of it.

Blogpost quotes to IG photos.

Turn your each podcast episode into a Twitter thread & carousel post

If you run a podcast. Here’s one of the really interesting ideas for you. Start with a story, extract key takeaways of your podcast episode, and give a CTA to your podcast link.

Here’s an example of one carousel post we did for a podcast.

Carousel Post for a podcast episode —

Create Once. Distribute Forever — Ross Simmonds

We’re basically distributing our content. Your one piece of content shouldn’t be just one piece of content. It should go to every platform. It should split into multiple pieces of micro-content.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions regarding any of the content strategies mentioned above.

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