How to Start Creating an App for your Church

Katie Allred

How to Start Creating an App for your Church

Katie Allred

Mobile devices are an essential part of our lives these days. With its versatile and accessible technology, churches can definitely benefit from that. Having a mobile app for your church could lift a lot of burden from your tasks—event promotions, collecting donations, tracking attendance, receiving prayer requests, and more. All of these tasks could be done within one church app. 

Fortunately, creating a ministry app has never been easier. Anyone can create an app by utilizing available app-building tools in the market, regardless of their technical knowledge. With that, here is a list of great software to help you start creating your own church app.


Best Church App Builders



Creating an app using Subsplash is very easy. Users can effortlessly choose their interface’s designs with its simple and straightforward dashboard, add media, features, and any other contents they like. From there, they can build a beautiful and working mobile app. Aside from that, it has tools and functionalities focused on the church’s needs, such as fill-in notes features and more.

If you do not know what to do, Subsplash will walk you through every step of creating your own app. They provide assistance and world-class live support that will surely help you to get started. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your app’s software updates. Subsplash’s got you covered by integrating these updates to their users’ platform with no extra fees.

“We love Subsplash. And you can also use them to build your website, do fill-in-notes for your giving, live streaming, and more. I love that I can embed the messages from the app right onto our website. It looks so smooth!” – Corrine Johnson.



Pushpay has all the functionality you need to create a mobile app for your church with a personalized church app. The only thing left for you to do is tailor it so that it matches your church’s distinctive look and feel. The mobile app studio they offer has everything you need to build the app for your church—from the colors, icon, features, and more—it helps you create software to improve engagement for you and your congregation without the hassle of recruiting coders or designers. A bonus feature is that they have a mobile church giving feature that can be integrated into your app.

“We use Pushpay mobile for our app. It’s user-friendly and ties into our online giving.” – Hannah Lunny.


Appy Pie

Appy Pie offers lots of features that could be integrated into your app with their church app builder. You could incorporate access to Bible within your app, receive donations, communicate with your congregation, post video and audio sermons, and more. When you have events and other announcements for your congregation, you could send push notifications on your app for its users to see. Plus, you could also customize the design of your app’s user interface based on your preferences. 



Before creating your mobile church app, you should do further research about it. Not every church needs it. But it could be a great investment if your church is really invested in it. You can develop and discover many ways to connect to your congregation effectively and efficiently.




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