How to Use Spotify for Churches

Katie Allred

How to Use Spotify for Churches

Katie Allred

Over the past several years, Spotify has grown into what is arguably the most popular music streaming platform. The app features thousands of artists and is famous for its masterfully curated playlists. It also gives users the ability to create their own playlists for any occasion or mood.

Spotify’s features make it a valuable tool for churches, but before your church can stream music publicly, you need to register a Spotify business account – now called Soundtrack.

You may refer to this link for further information:

Here are some great tips from Facebook group members on how they use Spotify at their churches:

“You can embed Spotify playlists, so when we finish our new website we will have our playlist of songs we sing embedded on the visit page so new guests can listen to the songs we sing before even coming on a Sunday. We also have our playlist linked in our app.” – Derek Hanson

“We share the Sunday worship setlist and those from any other special worship services.” – Kristy Edgell Kish

“Our worship leader put together one for our church: CBCVentura. She posts a quarterly or seasonal playlist and adds the songs we’re singing on Sundays.” – Sally Andrew

“We stream it throughout the building on Sundays – outside, Atrium, etc. Inside worship rooms before/after service.” – Jen Sullivan

“Setlist for night of worship on both email and social.” – Karen Jean

“Worship setlist. We post from Spotify to Instagram every Friday.” – Ben Siemon


There are many reasons for churches to invest in a Spotify account. For one, you can create playlists of the songs sung during worships times and then share those playlists on social media. Also, you can use it to play walk-in and walk-out music at services or anywhere you might need background music playing. So get Spotify and get creative!




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