How using a Ministry Engagement Platform (MEP) can prevent toxic ministry experiences

Levi Jennings

How using a Ministry Engagement Platform (MEP) can prevent toxic ministry experiences

Levi Jennings

We’ve all heard the classic church phrases about “people slipping through the cracks” or “people leaving through the backdoor”.


This is a problem that every church has, and few have a reliable solution for. People leave churches mostly because they don’t feel seen, heard, or cared for.


So how do you close these back doors and fill in the cracks that you’re losing your congregation to?


It all starts with knowing how you engage with your congregation and your ability to identify opportunities for ministry through those engagements. Once you know the ways you want to engage with your congregation, you can create processes that will help you manage your ministry tasks.


A ministry engagement can be anything from people filling out a card, webform, sending in a keyword text, registering for an event, volunteering, meeting a pastor for coffee or giving their life to Christ!


Your follow-up processes for each one of these is critical to making people feel seen and a part of your community. A simple acknowledgement or communication can open the door for ministry that will change their life.


The Ministry Tasks (email & text follow-ups, meetings, phone calls, counseling sessions etc) that need to happen from these processes can be overwhelming for pastors. They often spend most of their time doing administrative work rather than caring for their congregation. This becomes even more difficult when you’re trying to assimilate members across multiple departments or campuses!


Sound familiar?


We created a Ministry Engagement Platform (MEP) called GROWTH to help you:


  • Capture key information from connection or ministry cards, webforms, keyword texts or other databases
  • Manage ministry engagements through daily ministry task lists, assimilation tracks, and communication campaigns
  • Grow your impact by increasing the care for your congregation




🙌🏽 Get a free 30 day trial of GROWTH by being a Church Communications member!

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GROWTH will help you answer questions like these:

  1. How long does it take first time visitors to become members?
  2. How quickly do new salvations get connected with pastors?
  3. How long does it take a new member to become a contributing member?
  4. How effective are your departments at Spiritual Formation?
  5. How much time do your pastors have available for actual ministry work?
  6. Where does ministry start?
  7. How do you asses the type of ministry that someone gets?
  8. How do you manage a person across multiple departments and not let them get lost?
  9. How do you know if members spiritual lives are improving?





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