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How Your Church Can Use Facebook Business Pages

Kenny Jahng

How Your Church Can Use Facebook Business Pages

Kenny Jahng

When it comes to Facebook, it’s important to portray an accurate picture of what an organization is really like. The goal is to be inviting to new people. They will eventually become followers and customers. However, in the case of the church, things can get a little tricky. While there is a business structure and a lot of organized facets in the church, the church is, first and foremost, a family.  

A church is supposed to be a place of refuge and solace, so describing it as a business is inaccurate. However, those business pages recognize churches as religious organizations. If you would like to reach more people and encourage them to visit, you can use Facebook to achieve that goal. Here are some ways Facebook can help. 


Try reaching out to current church members and find out if they’re active on Facebook. Ask them if they’d be willing to leave recommendations or reviews on the church’s Facebook page. Once they create the recommendation, you can also ask them to share it on their pages. While it might feel a little weird to review a church, in this case, recommendations replaced reviews for local businesses. Make sure that you reach out to members who are involved in the church and regularly attend.

Leaving good recommendations will help you have a higher chance of reaching new people.

Live Streaming 

Many churches use Facebook Live to bring church to the people if they cannot attend, especially during this past year. This is an easy way to display the church in action. Whether it’s a church service, a prayer meeting session, or a young adult worship concert, it’s a great idea to broadcast what’s happening. However, when it pertains to children, it’s best to avoid sharing their photos online. Unless you have parental consent, you don’t want to get the church in trouble with any potential lawsuits. 

When you use Facebook Live, you are not only catering to the members who are unable to attend, but you are also expanding well beyond your normal reach. 

Facebook Ads

Even though the church is a religious organization, it’s still possible to benefit from having a Facebook business page with Facebook Ads. If you’d like people to learn more about your church and come to an upcoming event, launch a Facebook Ad campaign to get the word out. 

Facebook ads are a great way to target specific groups and audiences. 


When so many people are constantly receiving information at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s happening. This is why it’s wise to maintain a Facebook business page for your church. By doing this, your Facebook business page is sure to reach others.





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