How Your First Impressions Team Can Succeed During a Pandemic 


Churches everywhere are in uncharted territories. They do not know what’s coming next—navigating through various people’s various comfort levels and being forced to adjust to how you welcome people into your service. Which leaves the question: what can your first impressions team do to make sure they’re checking all the boxes and people feel more welcomed than ever, even amid a pandemic?

Safety First

First things first, during this challenging time, people want to know that their health and safety are at the forefront of your mind. So communicate your expectations. If you require masks, share that expectation clearly before service through social media. Speaking of masks, our friends at OutReach have a great selection of disposable masks for you to keep on hand for volunteers, members, and visitors. If you want to get more creative with your masks, order these black reusable cloth face masks and iron on welcome phrases or your church logo for your first impressions team. Small touches go a long way. What other expectations do you have? Social distancing protocols? Disinfectant procedures? Communicate them clearly and concisely in a way your church will respond.

Clear Signage

Now it’s a Sunday morning. You’ve communicated your expectations; people are starting to arrive for service. What happens now? Clear signage will be a GAME CHANGER. Banners that communicate your COVID guidelines placed in key vantage points will let people know exactly how you plan to keep them safe. But what about before they ever enter the building? Or maybe they can’t enter in their usual door? Street signs make it easier than ever to communicate with people before they walk through your doors. 

Social Comfort Zone Colors

One of the coolest things we’ve seen the First Impressions team utilize in the midst of this pandemic is the use of social comfort zone colors. Using this method is a great way to engage with people on a level they are comfortable with, and the best part is there are so many ways to implement it. You can have your congregation wear bracelets or maybe sectioning off certain areas of your sanctuary for different comfort levels to work better for you. The possibilities are endless, and OutReach has your back for all things Social Comfort Zone. 


We know your First Impressions team is already smiling as they welcome back or continue to serve your congregation. We hope these tips make things a little bit easier as you engage in your church community. 


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