Ideas & Samples of Kid-friendly Podcasts

Katie Allred

Ideas & Samples of Kid-friendly Podcasts

Katie Allred

Most would think that podcasts aren’t much of a kid-thing. Usually, adults are the ones who listen to them. But it also works for kids during car rides, nap time, or really any time of the day. As more and more parents are concerned with their kids’ screen times, the demand for podcasts is on the rise as it becomes a new, entertaining, and informative way to engage with kids. With that, more and more churches are considering going into the podcast world, too. 

Are you thinking about starting a podcast for your Sunday school or seeking inspiration in your next episode? Are you just looking for something your kids could listen to? Here are our member’s picks of podcasts and audio resources you could get ideas from.


“Keys for Kids has some free podcasts for that age range” Laura Breen Raulerson

“We created a podcast called the Good Night Meditation Podcast specifically for helping kids (and adults, too) get to sleep with prayer practices and bible stories. Ten episodes at Jason Bendickson

“Kids Bible Stories is the best one I’ve been able to find. We’ve been listening for probably 3 years and my girls love it.” Stephanie Peluyera

“I didn’t make this, but an associate of mine does in the Carolinas. “Kathy’s Kids.” Shane Hochstetler

“My kids and I have appreciated this podcast. https://www.wewonderpod.comBethany Spear

This is one of my good friends that he recently started. Great stuff! https://open.spotify.comThomas Wade


Podcasts are not only for adults. Kids also enjoy them, and it can even be a great way to teach your kids great bible stories in a new way! It’s an innovative and fun way for them to learn about faith. Check out these six picks suited for kids’ bedtime, road trips, youth school, and more. Do you have other podcasts you recommend that are kid-friendly? Any new ones to add to this list? Let us know!




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