Increasing Your Church Attendance Both Online & Offline

Katie Allred

Increasing Your Church Attendance Both Online & Offline

Katie Allred

As the body of Christ, we are called to gather together as one. People may say that you don’t have to be a Christian to attend church. While that statement is true to some degree, there is a direct call on the transformed heart of the believer to gather with the people of God once becoming a Christian. Sure there is no gold star you receive in attending worship services, but the motivation is to receive the word of the Lord, and that alone is enough.

Due to COVID-19, most services are conducted online, and only a few of our churches today hold church gatherings on their respective church premises. Regardless of what platform is used, it is vital to maintain your attendance in your services, especially during these trying times. It is essential to seek direction from the Lord in all things, but especially in equipping the Church with the steps needed to make the biggest impact for the Kingdom. Here are some helpful ways to raise engagement and attendance through your church.

8 Tips to Increase Attendance

1. A Trail for Involvement

This means that you need to have a path where you can involve people. Make a schedule and have a calendar visible to everyone to see. Post this calendar on your website and within the premises of the church. Use social media to notify people of upcoming events and activities. Place in the calendar even the simplest of all the activities, and lay a clear description of what these activities are and who can participate in it.

2. Develop Good Relationships

Treat members of the church as your neighbor just as Jesus called you to love thy neighbor as yourself. Be a friend to them and do things together, such as spending time in and outside of church. Attend services together and ask them to volunteer for the church.

3. Create Effective Messages

People find joy in attending services and other church activities if the address piques their interest and is delivered authentically. Hence, choose topics that relate to the day-to-day life of a person and address current, relevant points of discussion.

4. Encourage Them to Stay Through the Entire Online Service

It is hard to monitor attendance when you are using an online platform. Encourage them to finish sermons by holding engaging activities within the duration of the service.

5. Be Interactive & Energized

6. Choose User Friendly Online Platforms for your Church

You want to know your congregation. Be able to gauge what they are ready for and access user friendly platforms for all people to use.

7. Make them Feel Comfortable

Don’t ask people to do what is not pleased with them. For example, if there is an activity that requires the sharing of your personal experience or your life story. If a member of the church refuses to share, do not compel him or her to do such an activity.

8. Acknowledge People Who are Always Present

These hard times should be even more reason to cling to the Lord and His church. Amid everything we’ve faced this year, may we find hope in the words of the Lord. Let us strengthen our faith, believe that we are not alone in this battle against this pandemic, and that many will come to know Him. Jesus said, “He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.”


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