Is Direct Mail Dead?

Katie Allred

Is Direct Mail Dead?

Katie Allred

Direct mail seems ancient and outdated amidst our modern, digital world. However, direct mail isn’t dead and is still a fantastic way to reach the audience, catch their interest, and communicate on a personal level with them. As communicators, we don’t just need to reach a lot of people, but also communicate effectively with them, and direct mail is one of the ways we could achieve that.

Direct mail is recommended to add to your church communications, along with other means of connecting to your community. Incorporate both for your church so that a sufficient number of people will get reached. Since it stands out from the wave of online communication with which we connect on a regular basis, direct mail is now more alive than ever.

High ROI

Direct mail also has a high ROI to most of its users. Feedback and replies are one of the main goals of our communicating and Direct mail even have a more median ROI compared to email and social media is ahead by just 1 percent. Moreover, 70% of people and consumers feel more appreciated and valued when receiving direct mail. Just think about this, what do you do when you get a personal letter from somebody? You’ll feel excited and happy that somebody cares enough to write a letter to you. Not so much does everyone get something like this, especially in emails.

More Chances of Being Read

Most people consider their email inbox to be full of nothing but spam and junk mail. They tend to ignore emails out of their personal interests. You’ll have greater success with direct mail being read than emails as giant companies or corporations push down their message or ads into our inboxes almost every day. 


Better Engagement

With direct mail, you could also take that opportunity for greater chances of engagement by personalizing your postcards, letters, or magazines will surely make you stand out and connect with more people effectively. You could also make it interactive, too. You could add mini-games like word searches within the letter, or include invites for local events, coupons, and even contests. Even if they don’t use the coupon or join the contests, there’s still a big chance that they saw your message and church name. Also, since direct mail is tangible, there’s also a chance for them to keep it too. 

If there is something special in your direct mail, most recipients will save it for future use, and then they will not be able to forget about it.



Direct mail is definitely not dead. Traditionally, they still offer great use when reaching out to people especially those who are not tech-savvy or don’t have the internet. The digital marketing expansion has only boosted the return on investment for direct mail promotions and communication. 

In the end, since it’s different from the digital way of doing things, direct mail is powerful. 

Consider complementing your digital marketing plan with a direct-mail campaign. It will help you stand out in a world where everything has gone electronic. In a hectic world, especially with the covid 19 lockdowns and quarantines what’s missing is personal contact and intimacy. Direct mail isn’t dead.  Being traditional and  personal still pays off. 





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