Katie Allred’s Top 5 Online Tools of 2019

Katie Allred

Katie Allred’s Top 5 Online Tools of 2019

Katie Allred

As a church communicator, do you ever get overwhelmed by your various everyday responsibilities? We’ve all been there. Fortunately, there are online tools that can help you work more efficiently and make your life a little easier. How can you learn more about these tools? Look no further. Here is the software that I’ve been using the most in 2019:


If you’re an avid designer, chances are you’re also a color geek. Sip is an online tool that can help you find and keep track of all your palettes. It allows you to sample colors that you might see while you browse the web, save those colors to your personal library, and keep a history of the colors you use. It’s quick and easy.


Spectacle is a simple tool that helps you maximize the precious retail on your computer monitor. If you spend a lot of time working with several computer windows open, Spectacle is for you! It enables you to quickly organize your windows using keyboard shortcuts. You may already be familiar with comparable applications, but you will discover that Spectacle is an easier and more unobtrusive way to make your Mac more productive.

Fantastical Calendar

Fantastical Calendar is a smart, customizable calendar that can coordinate your schedule on a whole new level. The convenient mini-window design is for Mac OS. Not only can it help you keep track of your time, but it can also account for your location and for travel times. Also, it can automatically invite your contacts to events. Use Fantastical Calendar to improve your time-management!


Asana is a super helpful work management tool designed for teams. It’s social media for your workgroup. Members can assign each other tasks to remain focused on objectives and deadlines. See for yourself how Asana can help you whip your team into shape!


The last tool on the list is Fount. Fount is a very simple tool that allows you to identify fonts. If you see a font you don’t recognize on a website, Fount can tell you what style, weight, and size it is.


So that’s it! My top 5 online tools of 2019. Try them out and expand your online tool belt. Hopefully, these programs can help you to work smarter and more efficiently!




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