Church Communications has something for the "just starting out" Communicator to the Seasoned Communications Pro!

With many ways to get involved and learn more, we are on a mission to give you the resources you need to make you a more well rounded and confident communicator.

Ways to learn

How Can Church Communications help you?

Check out the many ways we are here to help you become a better communicator

Facebook Community


The Church Communications Group is a Facebook Community for church communicators and creatives. We encourage and equip each other by sharing expertise, asking questions, and offering ideas about branding, graphic design, the web, social media, print design, and other related topics.

✅ Share tips and stories with your fellow church communicators
✅ Seek advice on challenges you encounter in your church.
✅ Brainstorm new strategies for growing your church.

Looking to Go Deeper?

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Engaging Content, Networking Opportunities, and Platform Building 


So, you’re a church communicator…

We know you want to grow your church. But to do that, you need education, tools, and specialized courses to reach your church and community more effectively. 

The problem is, this information can be costly and difficult to find. You don’t have time to find the resources you need. 

We believe it shouldn’t be difficult for you to learn from the experts.

We understand because we are church communicators, too. That’s why we built a membership to help you learn all there is to know about church communication.  

Click here to learn more about CC Pro.

In Person Events

Learn in-person with expert communicators in a community style atmosphere.  One of the best benefits of our Church Communications Conference is having time to learn and network together.  

We know you want to find a community of people who understand the demands of being a church communicator.

It’s tough to navigate work culture, constant creativity, and stay motivated while remembering the true purpose of your calling as you serve the Church.

It shouldn’t be so hard to find other people that get it.

The Annual Church Communications Conference is happening in September 2023.  Stay tuned for more information. 

Virtual Summits

Church Communications offers a wide range of virtual summits to meet the needs and provide resources to our diverse  community.  

  • She Leads Church is a Summit for Women in Church Leadership.  Learn more here.
  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on a newly added Virtual Summit for Church Leaders who like to stay innovative coming soon!  Get on our mailing list now to stay in the know! 


New Flagship Curriculum coming soon!

Click here to learn more about CC Pro.

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Katie Allred wrote the book on Church Communications. 

Really!  She did! 

“This book goes into so much detail about the ins and outs of church communications. Katie does such a wonderful job of compiling all aspects of church communications. If you do anything in church communications, you need to buy this book (and for your whole team). It will be a resource you keep going back to over and over.” 

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