Level the Playing Field: Lead Generation

Jenn Clauser

Level the Playing Field: Lead Generation

Jenn Clauser

The times-of-old called for mass marketing. We would toss invitations out like confetti with the hopes of a 1%-10% return. We would look people in the eye as we greeted them Sunday morning secretly wondering if it was a mailer, a Google post, or a newspaper ad, that brought them to our church for the first time. 

Now the game is changing a bit. Facebook and Instagram have launched Lead Ads. 

Lead Generation Ads are a great and cost-effective way to capture relevant email addresses in exchange for a call to action. Call to actions can be a “plan to attend” (an event or worship service) or a lead magnet like an ebook. With an easy interface,  a user clicks on the Facebook ad’s call-to-action button, and a pre-filled form appears.   The user simply needs to tap on the form to complete it. 

How does this level the playing field? Success depends less on big-budgets, and more on follow-up and invitation.

Churches that are willing to set up an automated follow up system, or designate a team to follow-up on leads, will see more engagement.


Follow-ups and invitations can include:

– Automated email drip campaigns integrating leads into CRMs, sending series on popular topics.

– Personal outreach from Connections/Pastoral teams via emails, texts and cards. 

Increasing meaningful awareness is always positive! As people follow church pages and respond to personal invitations, one-on-one lead generation complements mass marketing.


Social media both scales and personalizes outreach. If your church is willing to engage in the follow-up, it will be successful in outreach! 


Added note: There are pros and cons to launching your own campaign vs using an agency. Launching your own campaign takes more time but can cost less money. Using an agency takes less time and you can tap into the knowledge of expert-marketers, but it also costs more money. If you need a list of companies who run advertising campaigns for churches- reach out to us at Church Communications –




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