Limiting Live Stream Errors

Katie Allred

Limiting Live Stream Errors

Katie Allred

In the digital world, it is inevitable to encounter problems along the way, but there are solutions like all problems. So, how do we avoid or minimize problems when in the live stream?


Make sure that you have the best quality of internet connection. Your connection must be at least 4G or LTE or higher, and internet speed must be at least 10mbps or higher to have a smooth flowing live stream. Having lags or buffers during live streams shows the lack of effort and interest you put into your church. Use funds properly; use it for developments and improvements for your internet connection.

Device Quality

In regard to the internet connection, the device you will use to shoot or record sermons is as important as the connection itself. It is best to use high-quality cameras that show HD videos. What use is your high-quality internet connection if your device has no capacity to record or show streams of that quality?

Aside from good quality video, the sound is also important. It is essential to use a microphone that has noise-cancelation features. This way, people watching your streams won’t be irritated with background noise, and the sound will be emphasized on the speaker who is using the microphone.


Opt for a live stream when holding sermons for people to have easy access to sermons and other church activities. If your audience or church members have no access to the internet or have no device to watch the live stream, then doing a live stream broadcast is useless.

It is important to know your members, their way of living, whether they can afford things like internet access, computers, and cellular devices. For example, for a church located in rural places with little to no internet access, live streams may not be for you unless people have the means to live streams.

Closing Thoughts

Yes, we have to adapt to our changing world, but we always have to consider our members’ convenience. Nevertheless, our world is evolving, and we have to adapt to it. If we have the means to, we should choose to hold live stream sermons. This article will help you eliminate the usual problems live streams may encounter to avoid it and have smooth streaming.




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