Measuring Your Social Media Effectiveness

Katie Allred

Measuring Your Social Media Effectiveness

Katie Allred

Attendance during church services and other church activities online are hard to monitor. Because of this new platform, there are many variables to keep an eye out for. We are so used to attending church activities on campus, but now sermons and other church activities are conducted online. Due to these changes, we find ourselves in a position to be creative and innovate in finding ways to utilize and measure our effectiveness on our social media platforms.

Despite this being uncharted territory for most, there are ways to know if your social media is posing significant plus to your church. Listed below are a few points to consider to know if the church’s social media is being used effectively.


If people are attending your video conferences or watching your Facebook lives, it means that your online platform is drawing interest.

Ask for Feedback

Ask followers for their comments and ask what type of content they want to see in the church’s social media. Be open to criticisms and suggestions.

Increase of Numbers of Volunteers

An increase in the number of volunteers is a good indicator that social media is sufficient and that people are interested in what they see on your page.


If content creators are requesting to collaborate with your church, it means that what you are doing in your online platform is sufficient. Having collaborations is excellent, as it may increase the number of volunteers and possible sponsors for the church.

Social Media Likes and Follows

Likes and follows are measures that your social media is creating an impact on your viewers. It will reflect the church’s influence.

Closing Thoughts

The effectiveness of social media can be monitored by checking your activities. The more active your social media is, the more it is beneficial to you church and its reach. Since we are in the times of adapting, be open to people’s suggestions and thoughts. Listen to recommendations and heed their requests to use your church’s social media efficiently.




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