Most Recommended Church Management Software

Katie Allred

Most Recommended Church Management Software

Katie Allred

There will be situations where it is a necessity to pick a new church management software like what Matt Martin raised as a question in the Church Communications Facebook group. Most of the time, these situations are an opportunity to improve church processes and tasks.

Thanks to our Facebook group members that are always ready to help whenever a co-communicator are asking for help.

We gathered the three most recommended church management software, and here they are:

Planning Center Online

Planning Center is a set of seven online applications you can subscribe to individually or use together as a full Church Management System. The following are the things that are made easy for church management by Planning Center:

  • Quickly and safely check families in and out, using a flexible setup you can customize.
  • Accept and process all donations securely, track giving trends, and issue statements.
  • Organize event details, receive registrations, accept payments, and manage attendees.
  • Track and approve how and when facilities and resources used for events.


The world’s most accessible web-based church management software for small and mid-sized churches. Breeze makes church management as easy as possible for all kinds of users.

  • Search and find information on people in seconds using the intuitive designs and lightning-fast response time of Breeze.
  • Easily group people by assigning them a tag. Then use that tag to communicate with the group, add the members to an event, or for other administrative tasks.
  • Track giving, generate giving reports and send out giving statements with just a few clicks.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder’s software is a web-based church management solution designed to help church leaders build and support a more connected, smoother running ministry. It helps churches to easily execute the following processes:

  • Attendance checking
  • Check-in with notification
  • Service management and scheduling
  • Online giving
  • Manage group


Good church management software allows your team to shepherd people on their faith journey. Elvanto provides an all-in-one solution to help manage your church, so more time can be spent engaging with people. It allows assistance for:

  • Administration
  • Children + Youth
  • Financial
  • Pastoral Care
  • Worship

Rock RMS

Rock is an open source church management system that focuses on the heart of ministry – people. Fully-featured and mobile-friendly, Rock is building a vibrant community and innovative new solutions to meet your ministry goals. It is built on a full church management feature set and is focused on new ministry-empowering innovations that you won’t find in any other ChMS like:

  • Relationship Management
  • Data & Automation
  • Content Management
  • Finance


Church management software today seems to be a necessary tool to apply in church processes. As expectations and goals can now be better and faster, church staff should also follow through process adaption and embrace new techniques. All these recommended software are great and can be perfect for your church depending on the requirement and how the church staff will integrate into the tasks.




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