Mother’s Day During the Pandemic

Katie Allred

Mother’s Day During the Pandemic

Katie Allred

Since we are under quarantine and are practicing social distancing, it may be harder to celebrate this upcoming Mother’s Day, especially if your mother lives far away from you. But we are here to help out and give you some Mother’s Day ideas in today’s blog! 


  • Video Call


Set up a video call with your mother on Skype, Facebook Messenger, or any free online video call service. You could spend the time chatting, venting, catching up with her, or even having a trip down memory lane by sending some photos back and forth to look at together. You could also set up activities to do together such as Pictionary, charades, and other fun games.


  • Create a Video Tribute


Remind her of how special and appreciated she is by putting together a video tribute for her. Gather video messages from family members, friends, and other loved ones. Ask them to dedicate a song or poem to her, or just list down the reasons why she is a great mom! 


  • Send Her a Care Package


My mom used to put together little care packages, full of treats and goodies, whenever I would go off to camp. You could also do that for her as a Mother’s Day gift. This could include cards and pictures from your family, things that are significant to your relationship as mother and child, soaps, lotions, perfumes, chocolates, self-made baked goods, and other treats that do not spoil quickly. Movies, books, and CDs are also great items to include.

  • Send Her Flowers

Plan in advance to have flowers sent to her. It would be nice to give her a bouquet of beautiful flowers or even a potted plant, which would last longer. You could also send along things like fruit baskets or chocolates. And of course, don’t forget to send out a special note, too!

There are many ways to make your mother feel special even if you can’t be with her. You should also try and make plans for after the pandemic to make up for the time apart. And of course remember to make her feel loved not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.




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