Must-Have Items On a Church Website

Katie Allred

Must-Have Items On a Church Website

Katie Allred

Today, there are plenty of ways for the church to communicate and to market the organization and its services. One way is to create a website. A website is a collection of web pages of collected content that is found on the internet. By having a website, your church will be accessible to the public for better marketing and communications. Here are some must-have items to have on a church website:


General Information

Place general information on your website to know who, how, when, and where of the church. Let them know who composes the church, and when it was established, and the struggles it faced. Here you can put a little background or history of the organization.


Contact Us

Things you should put on the ‘Contact us’ are address, telephone and cellphone numbers, e-mail address, and social media links.

Be reachable and accessible to people, particularly to your future and prospective members. If one of your goals is for your organization to grow, then show people that you are at all times available whenever they reach out.


News and Events

Human beings want to feel a sense of importance, and being “in the know” of events that we are part of makes us feel important. You can make your members feel important by updating them with your organization’s latest news and events.

Inform them of even the smallest happenings in the church, like installing Christmas decorations up the most important event such as appointing new heads for ministries. Surely, they will feel that they are a part of the organization, making them feel important.


Prayer/ Bible Verse/ Motto

Since this is a church website, it is important to place a Bible verse or a prayer on the website. This shall serve as the introduction of the church. Aside from a prayer or a Bible Verse, your organization’s motto shows the mission and vision of the church.


Pictures of your church

Show real pictures! Place photos that were captured in church while members were having fun or you are doing charity works. Avoid misleading pictures like pictures you just got from the internet because it lacks authenticity.

You can also place video clips on your website, clips of a sermon, and other church activities. Make sure that these photos depict the truthfulness of your organization.



Having a website has its advantages, one of which is the potential for reaching a wider audience. With a website, customers can easily access information about your organization. It will be easier for them to decide whether they want to be part of the organization or a volunteer for the church. The potential for exposure will lead to the growth of the church. So have fun creating and remember these must-have items to have on a church website.


To learn more about creating church websites head over to our blog on website goals.




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