Online Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Daily Working Files

Katie Allred

Online Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Daily Working Files

Katie Allred

Are you one of those people who use multiple devices daily when working? Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or a laptop, accessing and transferring files are the main things to do.

We gathered from the group the online tools they use mostly for file access and transfers between gadgets. Here are the most mentioned online tools:

Google Drive

Google Drive is the most generous among the free cloud storage, as it gives every new users 15GB of storage and there are occasional offers to boost that storage for free. This storage is also the one being used up when you are using other Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, Sheets, Docs, and the likes – so you can easily share your files and let other users edit or access it when needed.

Microsoft OneDrive

Users get free 5GB of  cloud storage, but it’s really cheap to upgrade it to 50GB. OneDrive is especially convenient to users who use Microsoft Office software and applications as those are integrated to it. It is very easy to share files even to those who are not OneDrive users and are able to edit it without even downloading.


DropBox is one of the first cloud storage though it’s capacity is somehow limited compared to the others. Despite it’s capacity, Dropbox is best used when used with its extra features like collaborative working tool called Dropbox Paper that acts as a group workspace. There is also a File Requests feature also allows you to request files from another user to upload.


Teamwork in Slack happens in channels — a single place for messaging, tools and files — helping everyone save time and collaborate together. In Slack, members can instantly message anyone in the team and even share project files and progress.


Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything, trusted by millions of people from all over the world. The best part in Trello is its’s transparency of the projects as it organize all projects according to category tags and it’s status. Each project card has it’s own comment section where you can upload a file.


Take advantage of these free online tools for convenient and collaborative work for your team. It even is great to use for yourself – to keep all your projects in sync.


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