Our Favorite Christmas Backdrops

Cat LaPlante

Our Favorite Christmas Backdrops

Cat LaPlante

No one knows how to ‘Deck the Halls’ more than the creatives that work in the church! Christmas season is one of those seasons where your church communicator, activity coordinator, graphic designer… really everyone in house, gets to flex their season spirit muscle.  Believers gather to celebrate the birth of our Lord and, when you have the right eye to guide your church through, bringing the overwhelming joy of celebrating the birth of our Savior to life can be an interactive event!

We asked for inspiration from our fabulous Facebook Community Group and they did not disappoint.  Check out these excellent backdrop and photobooth examples that our Community has built at their local churches for their congregations at Christmas:


Bright and Colorful








Fun and Inviting




Whimsical and Snowy



Come on in and show us your favorite backdrops and photobooths for the season!




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