Our Prayer for the Church Communicator in 2023

Cat LaPlante

Our Prayer for the Church Communicator in 2023

Cat LaPlante

Church Communicator, we pray these blessings over and for you!


We pray that you are provided with fresh eyes, refreshing creative spirit, and flourishing vision casting as 2023 approaches.  May others’ hearts be infused with the love of Christ from your inspiration and seeds planted throughout your works and dedication to your God given talents in your field of communication.  You are truly doing Kingdom work!



We pray the support of your team, your colleagues, your family, and your leadership as you face the new year ahead.  May your ideas be met with warmth and respect for your craft.  We pray that others will see your creative flow as the beauty you see when you unveil your work.



We pray that while you focus this year on the giftedness in your craft, that you also allow grace and patience for your work to be met with love.  We know you do a lot, Church Communicator!  We know that this work is all compassing and seemingly never ending or without pause.  We pray that you will be granted the spirit of patience, not just in the workplace but also with yourself.  You are one person who is abundantly capable but that doesn’t mean you cannot stop to remember that God designed us to rest.  Even if it is a quick desk break to walk to the door or around your building, that moment was designed for you. Take it!




Church Communicator, may God bless you into and throughout 2023! Join us in celebrating the Year behind us and the New Year to come in our community group.






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