Photo Database Solutions for Church Communicators

Katie Allred

Photo Database Solutions for Church Communicators

Katie Allred

When working in church communications, it can be difficult to keep track of and store all of the photos that staff members are responsible for.

Church photographers often store their files on their own personal hard drives, but it may be more efficient to have one database solution that all staff can access.

Here are 3 photo database solutions that our church communicators recommend:


With easy-to-organize folders, simple-to-design galleries, and dozens of elegant site themes to choose from, SmugMug is sure to provide your staff with an intuitive platform to find photos.

SmugMug allows users to upload unlimited photos and videos. It also features ease of sharing across any device.

“We use SmugMug – each photographer has a link to upload to and then the Creative department can organize and flag photos to use for promo.” – Sean Wright, The Journey


Fluro can store resources and information for your creative team, and it is also great for administrative tasks like organizing data. For this reason, Fluro is a great option for managing your photos in a single, accessible location.

“I’d recommend checking out Fluro. It’s a full church management package, but it has a FANTASTIC photo management package… We’ve started using it just for photo management.” – Dean Christian, Calvary Church

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service where you can store all kinds of files from documents to videos. It also allows sharing between users via a link. Another great feature is that it can easily be integrated with other Google applications such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Photos.

“We use Google Drive! Our capture team uploads images immediately after service or events and our social team drags and drops the best ones into a separate posting folder for the week.” – Beth Moore,


Any creative process, especially for church communicators, can be tedious and require a lot of effort. Producing quality media is easier when resources are readily accessible. Go ahead and try these photo database solutions and improve your team’s productivity.




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