Plan the Best Easter Ever for Your Church

Katie Allred

Plan the Best Easter Ever for Your Church

Katie Allred

What’s on your to-do list today?  Workout, stop at the grocery store, and… oh yeah… plan the best Easter ever for your church. It might feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to.  Did you know there is one resource with everything you need? The Ultimate Easter Kit can help make your Easter planning easier! This kit contains over 50+ free Easter resources for you and your church to use. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

We all want to invite and reach members and visitors alike to join us on campus or online this Easter. Here are five simple ways to market your church this Easter.


Print Marketing:

Print marketing is incredibly effective, simply because it is something tangible that people can take out your doorway and into their home. This is the same reason most people prefer to read a real book rather than a digital copy of one. Invite cards and door hangers are physical things that take up space – meaning these will stay around and people will be reminded of your church when they see or pass by them.  


Social Media Graphics:

Another great way to reach people is through stunning visuals. Using social media graphics helps connect with others in a positive way. While you may have great text, graphics help catch people’s attention. Simple elements of design can help portray feelings that support your message. The colors and text used in graphics help your content stand out. Social media graphics help convey and transmit your message in an effective and beautiful way.    


Facebook Ads:  

Facebook ads are extremely powerful and cost-effective. These ads are a great way to reach your community, simply because many people use Facebook on a daily basis.  Using Facebook ads is a fast way to reach people who will be looking for a church to go to this Easter. You can use these ads to reach people of specific ages, interests, and even location.   


Email Marketing:

There are many different options for marketing your church this Easter. Email marketing is a great way to get in contact with church members and visitors. Email can easily reach your audience in real-time. Email marketing is an affordable way to market your church while having people engage with your message.       


Text Message Invites:

Lastly, a great tool to have in your communication arsenal is text message invites. The advantage to using this method is that people feel like this is a more personal way to reach them. A text message fosters a sense of communication and some people may even wish to respond. Whether they have a smartphone or a basic phone, text message invites are a great way of connecting with existing members and new visitors.


Now, back to that to-do list…mark off Easter prep by downloading The Ultimate Easter Kit now. The Ultimate Easter Kit includes these five tools and so much more. We want you to engage your community and make a difference for eternity. Download the Ultimate Easter Kit by checking out the link here:




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