Pre-Service Announcement Video Tools

Katie Allred

Pre-Service Announcement Video Tools

Katie Allred

Announcements and countdown videos are just some of the materials that you need to prepare before the start of the service. Sometimes, there are last-minute requests or adjustments for these materials that you need to do, and the tools that you use could make or break your outcome. Luckily, there are resources out there that could help you or your staff to easily create these things, all of which won’t break the bank!

Mentioned by our Church Communications group members, here are some of the tools and software that you could use for pre-service announcements and other church video needs.


“I make graphic slides in Canva and then create announcement reels in iMovie.” Edi Miller Swearingen

“Premiere pro for welcome and announcements/igniter media templates for countdowns” Haley Borin

“If you’re doing really simple stuff, you could try OpenShot Video Editor. It’s free, and while it might not have all the bells and whistles, for doing basic edits and overlays and such it saw me right for years.” Mike Ashelby

“I just have auto-advancing slides in Pro7, and use their timer feature and looks so that the timer shows up on the stream, but not the audience screens.” Andrew Pegram

“Try H2R. It’s a graphics program with a timer and lower thirds and ticker and it’s free.” Roderick Oblamski

“…We at VMC have a few options here bundled in kits. The sermon kit for example has announcements and countdowns included. Adams


With any of these resources available for you to utilize, you’ll be able to create your pre-service church announcements and countdowns in no time! Do you know any other tools that you could share with us? Let us know!




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