Premiering vs. Live Streaming Services For Church Video Production


Premiering vs. Live Streaming Services For Church Video Production


Since Covid, many church communicators have turned to video production as a way to make services more accessible to their audiences. 

Now, live streaming church services is extremely common and is definitely an important option for audiences to have.

With many media platforms available to stream on, connecting with your audience has never been easier. And the added feature of being able to save a video after a stream ends is helpful for remote audiences who can’t attend the stream while it’s live.

Technical issues with video and audio have the potential to occur, and finding them and fixing them on the spot can be challenging. Which can put added pressure on your church’s production team. 

To combat the issue of live streaming, is to pre-record your video, and schedule it to premiere. Your video is aired live, but isn’t technically recorded live.

Here are a few tips to streamline your church video production to help better connect and engage with your audience.


The Right Setup For Seamless Video Production

In order to improve the quality of your worship videos, you probably don’t have to purchase a whole new audio and video system. Most likely you already have the foundational gear that you need; a sound booth, mic system, and camcorders. Versatility matters a lot more when it comes to live streams and recorded church videos.

Camera(s), Sound Equipment & Lighting

When updating your current video production setup, look at your budget. You may want to consider investing in a mirrorless camera or a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera.

You also need to consider the lighting while filming. Natural light is perfect for great video quality, but with artificial light, you have to be more precise with setting the right white balance on your camera. If not, your footage may have a blue tint and harsh glares.


Common Problems Solved By Premiering Services

As long as live streams run smoothly, they are a great way for viewers to connect with others regardless of physical location. But, inevitably, something will eventually go wrong.

If there’s an issue with the audio, or the video freezes, your audience is going to miss what’s happening. This is the type of circumstance that puts a lot of stress on your production team.

Pre-recording videos, on the other hand, allows for greater flexibility when filming, editing, and scheduling the video.

The premiere feature on platforms like YouTube and Facebook is free. You can schedule videos to post days beforehand. By using this approach, you have the potential to expand your audience outreach through social media marketing.


Find Easy-To-License Worship Music

One effective way to enhance the quality of your videos is adding worship music. Music helps establish your video’s atmosphere. It also calls attention to elements such as emotion. Music is a powerful tool that can reach people’s hearts. It should not be overlooked. 

To help you search for great songs, check out Soundstripe’s awesome music library playlist for tons of different styles of worship music.

If you’re looking for an acoustic and ethereal sound, check out this House of Worship: Acoustic Playlist. Or maybe you’re wanting a more modern feel for your video. Check out this House of Worship: Electronic Playlist.

After finding a song you love, you can license it in seconds. And if you don’t like a particular piece of the song, you can always license the song stem instead. 


Check out Soundstripe and get 25% off of your annual plan for all music and SFX. To redeem this awesome discount use code: CHURCHCOMM21. This discount code is eligible through July 1, 2021. What matters most is that you have access to the music you need – anytime, anywhere. Sign up today and start creating videos like a pro.


Thanks to our incredible sponsors over at Soundstripe for providing us with this article and information: blog


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