Product Review: Basecamp

Katie Allred

Product Review: Basecamp

Katie Allred

Since the pandemic, a lot of us have transitioned to working remotely. It can be very challenging especially when communicating or exchanging files and spreadsheets with your team. Without a proper project management tool, it can be difficult to keep up with your different projects and clients.  

That’s where Basecamp could help. With Basecamp, you can do all these things with your team—and much more.  Your team can access this tool from anywhere – on the web, iOS, or Android.

Here are some reviews from several of our Facebook Group members. 

Comments about Basecamp from the Group

“We use it for our entire staff and we love it! It is phenomenal for project management. We weren’t using any software for inner staff communication or project management prior to getting Basecamp, so it was a game-changer for our staff.” Tiahna Kirsch 

“We use it for all staff. It is great. Very good for workflow and communication.” Adam Anglin

“I have and I wouldn’t use it again. I found it was easy to get caught in a lot of unnecessary conversations and hard to find the things I needed. Two pretty major components of management. Maybe I wasn’t using it right?” Libby Slaughter 

“We use basecamp for our creative team and our entire organization. I’ve developed some really great project management things and created a request form within it. Super easy.” Derrick Smith

“My main complaint with basecamp is that you can’t collaborate on files. You need to download, modify, then upload. It’s ok for storing final products but not good for work in process…” Dan Webb 

“I use it for another company I work with (not church). It is great for the management of multiple projects. Allows for multiple lists and sub-tasks on projects. It has a communication component… If you know the frustration of back and forths over email sending files and revisions and communicating changes – Basecamp is a solution for all that.Marli Creeach

“We’ve used it for years (close to a decade?) with our Creative team and the work they do for all of our ministries, departments, and campuses. I would recommend it for sure.” Steven W. Murray 

“We have used it for years and can’t imagine not using it. My advice when choosing something like this is always the same: get senior leadership on board first and then over-communicate the new process…” Laura Adams Fuson 

“YES Basecamp has worked the best for us in ministry, we use teams for each dept, and have an all staff one. Then each event/gathering has a project which is archived. We love the template feature. Biggest thing is the whole church (especially leadership) needs to use it for it to be successful. We use it along with google and love that we can link google docs right in the docs and files feature. ONLY complaint is not having recurring tasks. We manually push out recurring items. So thankful we used it before COVID so our processes were easy to shift when we started working from home…” Jessica Nicole Berens

“We have used Basecamp for a year and a half and can’t imagine how we worked before it. Helps our team collaborate. Re: the issue above about difficulty collaborating – we use screenshots a TON throughout the process for input and to reduce export times. We also have weekly and campaign-based assignments. The templates are used regularly. Helped us transition to WFO seamlessly. We have also onboarded new staff virtually and are leaning heavily on Basecamp for collaboration. Highly recommended.” Jennifer DeVega Haines

Conclusion on Basecamp

According to these comments, church communicators really love how Basecamp helps them with project management – especially since working remotely has now become the new normal. It is a great project management tool to use for your church. With its many features, your staff should be able to stay on track.




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