Original Premium Package

Ready to Target Your Perfect Audience?

Tired of messing around in Facebook trying to target church leaders, you now have access to 22,000+ church leaders. We can’t wait to help you grow.

Sponsored Posts

  • Pinned to the top of the group for 4 weeks, up to 4 separate posts, set in announcements.
  • Be sure to set your Open Graph image if giving us a link as the CTA.

Facebook Group Cover Image

  • Can sponsor the group cover image for 30 days.

Email Advertising

  • We will send out one email to our large and growing email list.

Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

We will run an ad (your design, copy, etc) for you that will use the Custom Audience feature which targets members of our group that is continuously being built (hundreds added monthly) using our email database and previously exposed video ads to the group. (You may set any ad budget which would be billed separately).

Facebook Live

Webinar Speaker

Be positioned as an authority for this audience be presenting best practice content as part of our Church Communications® Webinar Series. It will be promoted as an official FB event for the group and broadcast as a FB Live session which typically reaches over 1,500 people in the first 30 days. You choose one of the available topics and dates and we will provide slide templates for you to use including a section that lets you explicitly pitch your offering. If your CTA is a purchase (vs lead magnet) your offer must be exclusive – meaning if you normally offer 10% off elsewhere, offer 15% or 20% to our members. Instead of a 14-day trial, offer 30 or 60 days.  Teaching will be recorded and used for our on-demand library for our premium group and other repurposed content that extends the sponsorship value for your brand.


This purchase is a non-refundable deposit for the month you would like to save. We will bill the full amount, $5,000 minus your deposit, 30 days from your chosen month.



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