Remote Access Solutions

Katie Allred

Remote Access Solutions

Katie Allred

Church communicators can fashion an office out of any space. Most of the time, all you need is your laptop. But what do you do if you need access to a file from the church office or some other location? Fortunately, there are remote access solutions that can alleviate this issue and connect your devices. Here are some programs that our Facebook group members recommend:

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop allows secure access to your computer from any authorized device. That means that if you have permission you can access your church desktop files from your phone or laptop when you’re away.


DWService does much the same thing. It allows you to connect to your main desktop from any device using a web browser. It also allows you to share with others who are not registered with DWService.

Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop is a super secure program that allows you to sync all of your devices whether they are Mac or Windows. You can keep a watchful eye on all of your computers at all times and connect as needed. The connections are encrypted, and it’s free and easy to set up.


Finally, TeamViewer is another great solution for remote access. It allows you quick and secure connections to devices using iOS or Android. It works on a large scale and is very versatile.


As you can see, there are a few similar options for connecting your devices. It’s super easy! Hit the links, do some more research if necessary, and find out which of these works best for your needs!




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