Recommendations for Church Communicators

The New Digital Church

Learn to apply online strategies to your church in order to reach and connect more people.




The Medi-Share Pastor’s Alliance

The Medi-Share Pastor’s Alliance was created to support pastors and ministerial staff as they support the Church.  That means we are here to serve and support you and the biblical calling you fulfill each day. We want to provide you with additional resources that will empower your calling, reach, and cultural impact.

Church Communications Pro Membership

Gain access to the Church Communications Pro community and Pro content library for exclusive Church Comms content and resources!




Kadi Cole & Co.

Kadi combines her vast professional expertise, extensive leadership, and intuitive ability to assess underlying causes to help you identify and “lift the lids” in your life, work, and calling. Kadi offers many helpful courses and one-on-one meetings.

Planning Center Made Easy

Beginner to Advance in 10 days or less.
Unlock the power of Planning Center for your ministry through our step-by-step course.


Ramsey+ is an all-access membership to our best money tools, apps and content. With Ramsey+ you’ll discover how to take complete control of your money—and get the tools you need to make it happen. Your membership includes access to our online courses, including Financial Peace University, the premium version of EveryDollar, the BabySteps app, PLUS so much more.

Indiana Wesleyan University’s Bridge Initiative

Indiana Wesleyan University’s Bridge Initiative offers access to affordable, flexible degrees through local church partnerships. The initiative offers more than 30+ associate and bachelor’s degree programs in a variety of disciplines that support churches and their communities.