Review: Restream

Katie Allred

Review: Restream

Katie Allred

Restream is a professional live streaming software that allows organizations of all sizes, including churches, to produce and distribute video contents online. It helps boost online presence and visibility for its users. With everyone going live on the internet this past year, Restream has been one of the most popular streaming solutions available out there. 

It’s hard to rely on something you’re not familiar with yet. Especially when there are a lot of things that depend on it. Now that our services are being offered online, we need to have a live streaming tool we could trust. So if you’re thinking about using or moving to Restream, here are some of the reviews from our fellow church communicators. 


Smooth Experience

With Restream, you could easily broadcast and manage professional-looking live streams from your browser to various online platforms, giving users a smooth experience with fewer issues and complications to encounter.

“Love it. Seamless’ – Briana Underhill

“Rock solid for us. Been using it for over a year.” – Jeff Taylor

“Very solid. Zero issues and it’s saved a lot of time in the long run.” – Jon Dahl

“It has helped us a lot. Before we were trying to stream to FB and YouTube but our internet is too slow so it would mess up. Now with restream, it’s one stream and much more stable” – Carl Colvin

“I use OBS and Restream. I really like it. Easy to teach volunteers. And if needed, I can set everything up remotely so someone in the back just has to press “start streaming” – Joshua Fowler


Streams on Multiple Platforms

Restream offers simultaneous streaming services to various websites and social platforms. With their community of over 3 million streamers, their users go live on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 30+ other platforms all at the same time.

“We use it to stream to YouTube and Facebook. Love it.” – Benjamin Engle

“Yup. Love it. Has been super good for us. FB and youtube. Hopefully IG soon too…once I figure it out.” – Erik Williams


Great Features

Besides simulcasting, Restream also provides easy to use, powerful tools and features like monitoring metrics, video embed, and more. It also allows its users to create customizable chat boxes from within a single dashboard to read and respond to messages across the multiple platforms they stream to. Besides these features, Restream has a lot more to offer.

“We use it and love it. Have had no issues. Love that the comments all come into restream so we can answer right there, not having to switch back and forth between Facebook & YouTube” – Keeley McConico

“We’ve been using it for a year, love it. Reliable, the chat features can have some really cool uses (creative a layer in OBS, embed a chat stream on your website), and the new studio has some great features.” – Grant Miller

“Works great! We’ve been using it also to interview people from around the world. Split-screen interviews. Very high quality.” –Shannon Mischuk


Great Customer Service

A very rare and one of a kind thing, Restream has a very kind and great customer support chat! They are very helpful and their technical service is something everyone can commend them for. Their support is available via documentation, live chat, and other measures. You’ll surely get the help you need when you encounter any problems.

“It’s been great. We have only been using it for a few months but it’s been seamless. Great customer support too.” – Tiffany Sparks



Available as a free solution, Restream does pretty well for its job. It may not be perfect and the best service out there, but with all its great features and wonderful customer service, it is totally worth it for churches to use Restream in their services and other live streaming needs.




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