Review: Share Faith

Katie Allred

Review: Share Faith

Katie Allred


Share Faith

Is a multipurpose website that provides almost everything that you need in your church!  They have lots of features including a church website builder, graphics resources and editors, live streaming platform, and more. Sharefaith has been around for over 15 years and has partnered with more than 100,000 churches globally. 

If you’re still unsure whether to use and trust Sharefaith for your church needs, these reviews from our Facebook group members might help you.


“I like it. It’s pretty good and easy to use. It has limits like any plug and play website builder but great for churches.” Nathanial Goss 

“We use it. But they jumped their yearly fee this year by a lot!” Cassi Betker 

“I’ll be honest-Sharefaith is not the wisest choice to me. We had it for years and it was very difficult to maintain… Obviously this is my personal opinion. I have nothing against Sharefaith. Just was very hard and limited.” Shera Dye 

“We use sharefaith. Just did a total rebuild on the site. We really have no complaints.” Jessica Bates

“We use Sharefaith and there are some limitations to it. But they are also about to release some stellar updates and new templates. So I’m hopeful.” Jonathan McKinley 

“We have it and it works, but we are considering transitioning to a different platform. Sharefaith is just so expensive and we don’t know if we really use (and really need) all that they have.” Rachel Shanower

“Sharefaith user here… we’ve been pretty happy with them. As others have said, there are limitations, but that applies to a lot of different companies.” Seth Switzer 

“We use it, I am happy with them. their tech support is better than most. The website is good and the graphics suite/presentation videos are fantastic!” Jef Eifert“We used to, for bulletin covers while we were building up our own creative assets! Their stuff is high quality and I appreciated that every design came with .psd files. it was definitely worth the money for us.” Justin DeMois




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