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Say Hello to the Giving Chatbot

Katie Allred

Say Hello to the Giving Chatbot

Katie Allred

The future is now; chatbots are now part of our everyday interactions, from finding information or completing an order. Forty percent of millennials engage with chatbots daily (Mobile Marketer). Thirty-five percent of people use chatbots to resolve a complaint or problem or get detailed answers (Drift). Eight out of ten people who have engaged with a chatbot report it as an overall positive customer experience (Uberall).

Can today’s chatbots boost generosity and church engagement? Absolutely, introducing’s all-new Giving Assistant chatbot! Say hello to a new level of ease in generosity and church engagement! The unique generosity boosting bot now exists on all church giving pages, tirelessly serving donors around the clock.

First launched in 2017 and newly revamped in 2020, the bot includes automatic theming to church branding. It offers the ability to aid and assist donors in completing gifts and much more. Churches can embed the new giving assistant into their website easily. This smart church chatbot is multi-channel. It operates on various channels, including websites, text messages, Facebook Messenger, Google Voice, and Alexa.

The website church bot version has a minimal footprint and lives in the bottom right corner of the web page until the end-user interacted. The latest technology gives the bot the ability to speak its responses and includes voice-to-text features. The ability to have a conversation with the bot should prove useful for those tech-challenged users or by merely adding an extra bit of fun to being generous.

Donors using the bot get engaged in an interactive conversation to complete a donation. The entire contribution process remains within the conversation window for signed-in donors.

The bot goes way beyond giving by tapping into powerful text marketing and interactive chatbot conversation features for interactive baptism sign-ups, contact cards, volunteer sign-ups, Christ acceptance, care requests, and much more.

Church administrators can visually build out interactive conversations that collect information and then smartly process responses into external church management systems. Those chatbots operate on many different channels.

Gone are the days of keyword-based text marketing that force users to visit a web form. Given today’s current COVID circumstances, churches are already taking advantage of text messages to engage with end-users over digital mediums. Using chatbot allows for engaging interactions that remain entirely within the chat window and do not require web form links while still allowing information to be collected and processed in an automated and organized manner. So say hello to the future now with the Giving Assistant! This new vital medium of engagement is now available to all churches using the platform.

To learn more about Online Giving, you can visit or give us a call at 615-206-4000. We’d love to chat with you and learn more about how we may partner together to enhance engagement with your congregation.




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