Seven Great Churches to Follow on Facebook

Tyler Lowery

Seven Great Churches to Follow on Facebook

Tyler Lowery

Facebook pages are a great way to give entry to who your church is. The Facebook page is the front door of your church—what is it saying about your church?

1) Real life/ Clermont, FL

This church’s Facebook feed has great information involving what they do in the community. Other churches use Facebook as a way just to notify what is going on but Real Life uses their social media to let everyone know what is happening in the life of their church through their feed.

2) Road to Life Church/Northwest Indiana

After looking into this church, it seems to have grown over a short amount of time. With their social media and what they are planning to do, I cannot wait to see this church in the future.

3) Forefront Church/Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you are looking for a church with a great consistent brand and story, check out their Facebook page. After looking at their page, the viewer will see that they are active in the community.

4) Christian Fellowship Church/Belfast, Ireland

People! It’s all about people! Check out their Facebook page. While looking, viewers will see the church using these media tools as a way to connect.

5) Rock Hills Church/Manhattan, Kansas

Helping people know “what to expect” when they arrive at your church is a great way to be “helpful” on social media. This church post local pictures of attendees and keeps posting on a regular basis. One thing you can see that this church is doing is that you do not need a bunch of information to get your point across.

6) Hope City Church/Sarasota, Florida

This church has been together for just over a year, it is growing pretty quick. It’s worth checking out what this brand new startup church is doing on its Facebook page because they are updating their community with all the work they are creating.

7) Riverlife Baptist Church/Brisbane, Australia

Riverlive is doing a great job displaying what their services are like via their Facebook feed. People know exactly what to expect and what to wear. They’re doing a great job using their Facebook page as the front door of their ministry.




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