Community Discussion: Engaging Middle-Aged People

The Question The 25 to 45 year-old age group is an enormous demographic. Yet a lot of churches have trouble reaching them. This dilemma can be traced to a variety of causes, but what’s important is that we learn how to handle it. Oftentimes these middle-aged people are looking for/need specific things in a church […]

New to Church Communications? The Books You Need to Succeed!

Welcome to Church Communications! If this is your first time to our website or your first time actually in “church communication” as a profession then you’ve found the right place. Every single day over 20,000 church communicators and church leaders use our website and Facebook Group to learn how to better communicate to their congregation, their […]

Recommended Communication Books From the Church Communications Group

Did you ever need some to help with a sudden problem or had an unresolved dilemma for days? Not to worry. We’ve come up with a definitive list of all the best communication books that can help you solve conflicts and learn more ways on how to be better communicators for your church. This list […]

How to Strategically Communicate Your Church’s Vision, Values, and Culture Online

Does your first impression online match what someone experiences when they visit for the first time? How many people are turned off by your church’s online presence when they might actually enjoy your church in real life? This article is going to cover how to strategically communicate your church’s vision, values, and culture online. We’re […]

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