Slide Creation for Sermons

Katie Allred

Slide Creation for Sermons

Katie Allred

It’s good to have a system in place for slide creation for sermons as it lets you engage with the audience more. Also, people are more interested in listening if they see slides or anything visual that can capture attendees’ attention.

Some pastors prefer to do their own slides. At the same time, some delegate such tasks to staff. Either way, a Pastor or staff uses tools or applications to create slides for sermons.


Here are some of those tools pastors can use:


PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics package. It gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools- all designed to be easy to use and learn.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common slide creator even to date. Especially for Pastors, since it is the easiest, accessible, and available tool to create slides.


Google Slides

Google Slides is one of the more popular presentation apps and PowerPoint alternatives available. For quick and to-the-point presentation, Google Slides can be a great option since it’s free and has next to no learning curve. If you’ve used PowerPoint, you know how to use Google Slides.



Canva is a well-known cloud-based graphic design software, but it’s not too popular for presentations. While it still has the “capabilities” for presentation design, its main focus is on social media graphics.

This means that it offers a few visually appealing slide templates, and you can create designs in the correct presentation dimensions. However, the software currently does not offer a way to animate your slide elements or add unique transitions.


LinkedIn’s Slideshare

LinkedIn’s SlideShare app is a great way to share and view presentation content on the go. You can create your presentation in any online software, like Visme, export it, and upload it onto SlideShare.

Then use the mobile app to share your presentation and help get the word out. You can also view other presentations and learn more about a certain topic.



Slidebean advertises itself as an AI-powered presentation maker. It allows users to separate the content and design of its slides, input content in one section, and adjust the slide design in a separate area.

When creating a presentation in Slidebean, once you add your content into the text boxes, you can switch over to the design section and have their AI automatically assemble your content pieces around the page in a way that makes sense.



You’re also able to refresh different AI designs until you find one that you like. Although this can help those who don’t really want to worry about their design, it is minimal, and they don’t have a lot of templates to choose from.

The purpose of the slide presentation is for visual interest; to capture the interest of listeners. A person’s attention span usually diminishes too quickly, but with a slide presentation, listeners or viewers will be entertained and interested with what is flashed on the screen. Let’s make sermons livelier by using slide creation for your sermons.




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