Social Media Is A Ministry

Colin Schaafsma

Social Media Is A Ministry

Colin Schaafsma

Social media has changed a lot since its creation. In the past, personal social media accounts were used as a means to share snippets of our daily lives with others. But over time, it has become a more purpose-driven place. 

The same can be said for social media accounts run by churches. While it used to just be a place to post bible verses and upcoming church events, it can now be so much more. 

Social media has now become a place where we can minister to others. Social media has the potential to be a ministry itself.

Use Social Media To Do Ministry

A lot of the time, we tend to use social media as a place to promote, rather than minister. 

For example, maybe your church posts a graphic making people aware of an in-person prayer gathering taking place in a little while.

While there is nothing wrong with this, there is no direct action involved. Most people will scroll past and forget about it.

What if instead, we posted a graphic alongside the one mentioned above, challenging people to take a minute out of their day to pray right then and there?

Consistently Post High Quality Content 

Social media is where people experience your church without going to your church. Do you want it to be a place that provides an ok experience? Or do you want it to be a place that leads to life change?

Put effort into providing a quality social media feed for your church. Take inspiration from other church accounts. Do your research. Put as much effort into providing ministry over social media as you do for your in-person ministry.

Repeat What Works, Let Go Of What Doesn’t

As you put time and effort into creating a social media feed that ministers to others, you are going to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

It will take time, but you’ll soon discover what kinds of material you post lead to life change. 

Our goal is to reach others with the gospel, and once you figure out the best way for your church to minister over social, forget what doesn’t work and stick to what does.


Using social media as a tool for ministry is not easy, but is necessary. People need to be ministered to, not just promoted to. And by developing a strong social media ministry, we can spread the good news to countless individuals.




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