Social Media Strategy for Christmas Service

Jonathan Deatherage

Social Media Strategy for Christmas Service

Jonathan Deatherage

Christmas is approaching fast, and you don’t want to wait too long before you start preparing! One of the most common and obvious ways to promote your Christmas services is on Social Media and there is no denying that it is an incredible tool to communicate and engage with your congregation. However, sometimes it can be frustrating and overwhelming. We strongly recommend that you develop a full social media plan for the Christmas season, as it will make everything easier in the long run. If you’re still not sure where to start, don’t worry, we break it all down for you here so you can easily promote your Christmas service and connect with your community online.

Embrace an Aesthetic

You don’t want to be scrambling when it comes time to post, so plan ahead and get all the graphics you’ll need designed ahead of time. Ever notice how your favorite social media pages seem to look so neat and tidy, like everything falls into place? Having a consistent “look” to the images you’re going to be using on Social Media looks clean and professional and allows your audience to become familiar with your church’s message leading up to Christmas. The more people see your images and recognize them, the more likely they’ll be to attend the service you’re promoting – regardless of whether it is in-person or online!

Once you settle on your design, create all the sizes and varieties of text that you can use across different platforms so everything looks sleek and cohesive. Here are some ideas of where you can first implement updates specifically for your Christmas service to get your strategy in motion:

  • Update your church’s Facebook and Twitter cover photo to a graphic inviting visitors to join
  • Upload a looping video on Facebook that shows what a Sunday experience looks like
  • Launch an Instagram campaign to count down until Easter

Diversify Your Content

Social Media isn’t always one-size-fits all, and whatever you choose for your theme – you’ll want to make sure that everything from the look to the messaging is authentic to your Church. There is also a lot of room for variety depending on the channels you’re using and the type of information you want to share. Here are some examples of top-performing content that you can incorporate into your social media strategy for optimal success:

Promotional Materials

Social media is a great place to create hype for the new and exciting things happening at your church, especially your Christmas service! Spread the word and get the community excited about your event. If you’re having additional services around Christmas as well, be sure to mention that too! Give your followers all the options for how they can participate and give them the details early so they can plan ahead.


Video is arguably the best content you can share on any platform and your social media channels are a great place to share quick clips about what is happening around the church. Although you want to keep them short for sharing on social media, you can also share links that will push followers to your website for longer videos. Consider live streaming your services so that out-of-town or sick members can still feel included in this magical time of year – and get them excited about it by sharing on your social platforms! 


Engage your audience by asking why they’re excited for Christmas, what their plans are for working around the pandemic, or what Jesus on the cross means to them. Social media is all about engagement, so the more you can get your followers to comment, the better off you’ll be. It’s also important to note that while you want to avoid topics that might lead to controversy or arguments, you can ask the kind of questions that will start healthy and helpful conversations with your community. 

Other Resources

As a church leader, you’re probably being exposed to great resources and information that encourages and challenges you. Why not share a little bit of that with your people, too? Post links to good articles you’ve read about Christmas, devotional series that have helped you, Christmas videos and worship songs that have encouraged you, or whatever else you’d like to share with your community!

Social Media Checklist

We know, there’s a LOT to consider here. To make it easy, follow this simple checklist so you can get up and running for Christmas in no time!

  • Link your social media accounts to your church website.
  • Write out a Christmas content calendar with all the social media content you’ll be putting out during the Christmas season.
  • Keep things consistent. Make sure you connect your website, social platforms, bulletins, and screens in your service with the same visuals to bring it all together.
  • Gather all your visuals and graphics. If you’re in need of content, look no further than Sharefaith! We create and design high-quality church graphics for you and your church to help you save time so that you can focus on what matters.

Christmas will be here before you know it and, with it, a whole new set of challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. We’d like to make your Christmas a little merrier this year with a kit jam-packed with FREE resources to help you navigate a Socially Distanced Christmas at Church. Download your kit today to receive:


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