Solving Communication Weaknesses

Kenny Jahng

Solving Communication Weaknesses

Kenny Jahng

Every business or organization has its weaknesses and shortcomings, and so do our churches. Like any other problem, there are solutions. First, we have to address some weaknesses that may present themselves in the church, regarding their communication skills. The church is an organization with the purpose and objective of spreading God’s Word and showing the love of Christ. To do that, the Church must have effective communication skills. 

Here are some common weaknesses in communicating and helpful ideas on how to solve these issues.

Communication Processes

The Church has been present for hundreds of years. We must constantly be innovating our channels of communication, as well as how we communicate. Don’t rely on obsolete forms of communications and out-of-date systems when the digital world is constantly evolving and providing us with the best the tech world has to offer.

Find a software management system that can easily help you and your team members get organized and stay in touch. This will be so beneficial to have all of your projects, events, and tasks in one easy to maintain place.  

Social Media Presence 

Today, it is pretty important to have a social media presence. It helps expand your church’s reach to a wider audience in your community. However, not all churches have social media accounts, and this has posed a problem.

If used properly, social media can be very beneficial for a church, especially when it comes to communication. Social media improves communication and understanding between people. It is like an invisible thread connecting people. This thread is helpful for the communication of the church. Sadly, an organization such as the church is not open to adapting to the advancement of technology. 


Preparation often prevents any kind of major problems. A pastor will be able to deliver a sermon more effectively if he is prepared. They can prepare in many different ways, such as practicing for a sermon, writing down your main points, and doing enough research to make your sermon heartfelt.

The same can be said for ministry leaders working in your church’s communication department. Being prepared with knowledge of upcoming events, dates, and information can help you feel comfortable and motivated to tackle any project that is coming down the road.


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