Streaming Apps for Churches that Work Well

Katie Allred

Streaming Apps for Churches that Work Well

Katie Allred

In today’s generation, modern technology has brought us new ways to offer church services to those who cannot attend service in person. In the same vein, live streaming platforms have provided our churches an alternative to traditional in-house sermons and other events. Therefore, we will discuss six live-streaming apps that will work well for your churches, including their features to help you get familiar with the tools and choose the best platform suitable for your needs. 

Streaming Apps for your Church

DaCast streaming platform, offered at a competitive price, has many features and comprehensive solutions for small to larger congregations. They make it easy for first-time church broadcasters to understand the software, set up, and begin streaming. As a result, you can quickly sign up and start streaming within seconds. Similarly, you can create archives of recordings to view, skim, or pause at their convenience. DaCast also offers the ability to create your unique channel, personalize it with your design, and embed it into your URL. 


StreamShark uses MetaCDN’s super-fast content delivery network. Therefore, allowing its users to deliver video with extremely low latency and virtually zero buffering. Their “Lite” edition offers users 416 GB, streaming up to 3 videos, viewer analytics, and real-time stats. They also provide features like customization of video players, privacy controls, and compatibility with all mobile devices. StreamShark is budget-friendly and has a free trial. However, several features are not available on their regular plan. Their standard live streaming platform is great for people just getting started or small to medium organizations. 


BoxCast is the only company that offers an end-to-end streaming platform. It’s a revolutionary technology that makes it easy for anyone to provide live HD vide0. BoxCast’s primary advantage is that it allows your video to go directly to the video source’s network servers. This unique BoxCast function is what sets them apart from other solutions for hardware streaming. With its reliable and straightforward features, it eases out the complications of sharing your bible studies, church meetings, and several worship services to your congregation. They offer excellent customer support, automatic archiving, and global broadcasting, with plans starting at $129 monthly.


Developed exclusively for churches, aims to ensure users’ streaming experience is enjoyable while still offering the functionality they need. Functions include embedding, replay memory, Roku channel, custom branding, technical support, compatibility on all devices, ad-free, social media sharing, chatbox, adaptive bitrate, compatibility with DVR, viewer statistics, pre-roll and post-roll videos, and so much more. Churchstreaming helps provide a stable network and outstanding service to ensure that all who link via their devices have a good church experience. It works very well with different encoders. The exciting fact about this is that all their offered plans include unlimited streaming.


StreamSpot was designed with convenience and simplicity in mind. Delivering everything you need to bring high quality live and on-demand broadcasts to any Internet-connected device, which is helpful if you’re streaming for the first time or are a veteran broadcaster. A unique feature StreamSpot offers is a Pay-Per-Use format (with a $30 minimum), meaning you only pay for what you use. You could save if you know you’re not going to use all features for your stream. StreamSpot allows quick and easy live streaming with just three simple steps: capture the video, encode it with the interface, and transmit it over the platform. It is the true definition of simplified streaming with its outstanding technical support, social media integration, and impressive features. Offering three basic plans, you have enough options to choose from to get started. 


Suppose your church is seeking a free audio podcasting service for sermons and wants to reach the world through high-quality video streaming. If that’s the case, SermonCast could be the media solution for yous. They offer three different plans: Monthly Free allows users up to 2GB per month, Monthly Premium plan ranges from 15GB ($15 per month) to 100GB ($100 per month), and a Pay-As-You-Go plan that allows you to pay for a certain amount of GB and use it until you run out. SermonCast helps provide effective media solutions to suit your church needs with an online campus that offers optimized ad-free functionality. The user-friendly design and smart HTML players make it easy for any device to use it. Sermoncast will help you promote and share the Gospel with a larger audience with their available plans and features.



There are many excellent live streaming options. The six tools we’ve mentioned are great ones you should consider for your church. When looking at streaming apps, consider the cost of membership, required equipment, and available technical support, to help decide which platform provides the best solution to your needs.




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