Sunday Morning Video Announcements- Are they Effective?

Katie Allred

Sunday Morning Video Announcements- Are they Effective?

Katie Allred

It has been an online discussion whether Sunday morning video announcements are effective. So what is a Sunday morning video announcement?

There is no exact definition of such; it may announce upcoming events of the church, future projects, activities, recap events or tell people how they can give. It may be a pre-recorded or live video. Basically, its purpose is to grab the attention of members and listen to announcements.



These are videos specially dedicated to announcements. No other matters are involved. No sermons or Bible studies.

Some would say that prerecorded video announcements are less effective than live since people tend not to give importance to pre-recorded announcements. Most people prefer live announcements, where they wouldn’t go out of their way to listen since they are already attending such video conferences or online mass. Most church-goers dedicate their Sundays to the Lord and the church. Some may not have the time to check morning announcements done on a different day.



These are announcements done during the course of a sermon or at a meeting or conference. Church members prefer this type of announcement since it is all one activity and does all on a single occasion. It is much more convenient because it all happens in a single day.

Now, the question is, is it effective?

People have different views and opinions. Some consider it effective as it grabs the attention of people. Others think it’s not that effective since communications nowadays are best through emails, rather than dictating it in a video. Traditional members still opted for bulletin announcements in their simplest form by posting them on bulletin boards. But our current situation has limited us to go to church hence the virtual and online mass gatherings. Therefore, Sunday Morning Video Announcements are effective, whether pre-recorded or not.




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