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Supercharge Your Church’s Digital Presence: Practical Lessons from TikTok’s Creative Operations

Katie Allred

Supercharge Your Church’s Digital Presence: Practical Lessons from TikTok’s Creative Operations

Katie Allred

In today’s digital age, effectively communicating your church’s message requires more than traditional methods. Social media platforms like TikTok offer immense opportunities to reach and engage with your congregation and beyond. Recently, Andrew Banis, Head of Creative Operations in North America for TikTok, delivered a compelling lecture on how brands can leverage TikTok to create impactful ads. This session, titled “Supercharge Your Brand’s Success on TikTok by Uniting Creativity and Media,” is a treasure trove of insights for church communication directors looking to elevate their digital strategy.

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Why You Should Watch This Lecture

Hear straight from TikTok experts themselves in this hands-on creative workshop. Andrew Banis, head of creative operations at TikTok, and a special TikTok creator guest will share strategies for maximizing the power of creativity on TikTok and making next-level video content quickly and easily with Adobe tools. You’ll walk away with TikTok best practices to apply to your business and campaigns — from learning key Adobe features for TikTok creation to understanding that impactful creative content doesn’t just entertain audiences, it drives results for your brand. Bonus: You might leave with your own TikTok video or two.

Practical Lessons for Church Communication Directors

1. Adapt to Platform-Specific Content

  • Embrace Vertical Video: Create videos in a vertical format, which is optimal for mobile viewing. This simple adjustment ensures your content fits seamlessly on TikTok, capturing and retaining attention.
  • Utilize In-App Tools: Leverage TikTok’s in-app tools such as text overlays, emojis, filters, and effects to make your videos visually engaging and relevant to your audience.

2. Engage with the Community

  • Authentic Dialogue: Focus on building genuine connections with your community. Share stories, testimonials, and messages that reflect the authentic experiences and values of your church.
  • Feedback Loop: Use the immediate feedback from comments and interactions on social media to refine and improve your content. This helps ensure it meets the needs and interests of your community.

3. Content Variety and Frequency

  • Value and Variety: Consistently produce a variety of valuable content, including educational, entertaining, and expressive pieces that align with your church’s mission. This keeps your community engaged and interested.
  • Frequent Updates: Regularly refresh your content to maintain relevance and interest. Posting new content frequently ensures your audience always has something new to engage with.
  • Long-Term Signals vs. Short-Term Trends: While participating in trending topics can boost visibility, focus on long-term signals that align with your church’s core message and values.
  • Trends as Tools: Use trends as a vehicle to convey meaningful messages rather than chasing trends for their own sake. This ensures your content remains relevant and impactful.

5. Leverage Influencers and Creators

  • Collaborations: Partner with influential members of your church community or broader social media influencers who align with your values. This can help create content that reaches wider audiences.
  • Educational Content: Encourage creators to produce educational content that highlights your church’s teachings, community events, and values.

6. Production Quality and Authenticity

  • Balance Quality and Authenticity: While high production value is appreciated, authenticity remains key. Ensure your content feels genuine and relatable to your audience.
  • Use Available Tools: Utilize tools and resources (e.g., Adobe products) to enhance content quality without losing the personal touch that makes your messages impactful.

7. Storytelling and Emotional Connection

  • Compelling Stories: Share stories that evoke emotions and connect on a personal level. Use narratives that reflect your church’s mission and the impact on its community members.
  • Expressive Content: Ensure your content expresses your church’s values and mission in an engaging and relatable manner.

8. Encouragement and Support

  • Support Creative Ventures: Encourage and support church members in their creative ventures, providing platforms for them to share their talents and stories.
  • Community Involvement: Involve the community in content creation, making them feel a part of your church’s digital presence.

9. Strategic Use of Technology

  • Adopt New Tools: Embrace new tools and technologies that enhance content creation and distribution, making it easier to reach and engage with your audience.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest trends and tools in social media and digital content creation to continuously improve and adapt your digital strategy.

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By integrating these practical lessons, church communication directors can create more engaging, authentic, and impactful content that resonates with their audience, drives engagement, and furthers their church’s mission.




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