The hard and easy methods of church communication culture

Do you post your dress-code for Sunday morning on the front door of your church? Probably not. But I bet your church does have a dress code that falls somewhere between “Sunday Best” and “Street Clothes”. Did the leadership team sit down and work out the congregational dress code? Maybe they did a weekend retreat and studied deeply […]

I didn’t know God but I knew Becky

I had a great childhood, loving parents and I was raised Buddhist. But growing up in the early 1960’s, school wasn’t diverse like it is today. I was not blonde or have blue eyes and I felt very much like an outside. In first grade, my classmates discovered that I didn’t believe in God and […]

5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Church’s Website

I spend a lot of time looking at church websites. Whether that means exploring new trends, cleaning up broken sites, or building a site from scratch, a majority of my week is spent on websites. My go-to platforms for churches are WordPress and Squarespace… I love these platforms for their reliability, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Sometimes […]

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