NEXT Normal Conference Convenes Thousands of Church Leaders to Hear From 35+ Pastors And Speakers For Three Days In June

NEXT Normal Conference June 2-4

Churches are navigating the pathway to the next normal this month as states across the country begin to advance through phased re-openings. While experiences will continue to be varied from state-to-state and city-to-city, one thing will certainly be shared: having to operate under quite different circumstances than pre-COVID19 times. Leadership Network is hosting a premium […]

Jimmy Fallon and How Your Church Can Livestream Better this Sunday

Are y’all watching what Jimmy is doing? ✅It’s real. 🔥It’s authentic. 🤓Not overproduced. 😍It’s amazing. People are loving this content. Your church can produce this EXACT same format. It would have to be created during the week, but it’s totally possible. Also, I love he’s raising money, you can also do a special push to […]