The hard and easy methods of church communication culture

Do you post your dress-code for Sunday morning on the front door of your church? Probably not. But I bet your church does have a dress code that falls somewhere between “Sunday Best” and “Street Clothes”. Did the leadership team sit down and work out the congregational dress code? Maybe they did a weekend retreat and studied deeply […]

Stop Creating Content One Piece at a Time

Staying on top of church communications and social media is challenging, especially when you’re not batch creating your content. This efficient approach involves producing and scheduling multiple pieces of content in one work session, rather than creating them individually when needed. Batch creating content allows you to dedicate a specific time to brainstorm, create, and […]

Create a Sermon Series Design in Canva

[vimeo 514371412 w=640 h=360]   Canva is growing at an exponential rate in popularity and functionality. There are some great features added in recent years like text effects to add drop shadow or outline only. However, there’s still some things in Canva not built-in. If you want to add a box shadow for an image, […]

5 Things Churches Can Learn From the 2018 Uber Rebrand

In case you missed it, Uber announced a new rebrand. This is on the heels of a rebrand a couple years ago, but after shifting of leadership and some bad PR, Uber set out to find their roots and create a brand that positioned them better. As church communicators, what can we learn from the […]

Death to Cheesy Stock Photos

As long as there are church websites, there will be cheesy stock photos. “The wise will heed the information in this blog post while the foolish will continue to use cheesy stock photos” – 2 Opinions 4:8 All jokes aside, if you’re reading this, you probably find yourself under-resourced and under-funded. You know that your […]

5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Church’s Website

I spend a lot of time looking at church websites. Whether that means exploring new trends, cleaning up broken sites, or building a site from scratch, a majority of my week is spent on websites. My go-to platforms for churches are WordPress and Squarespace… I love these platforms for their reliability, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Sometimes […]