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Engaging Your Church Members Through Social Media – Without Burning Out

So, you want to start or re-start engaging your church members through social media.   Great!  First, let me tell you a story that may sound familiar.   You have a Facebook Page already so you start there but you quickly realize something…Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest…the platforms to engage your members are seemingly endless.  […]

Using Instagram’s Three Platforms

When I became a writer, social media gurus insisted that you must self-promote.  Like many Christian writers, self-promoting felt the opposite of the Gospels’ message, but marketing has improved since the early years of blogging. Social Media is now about telling the story of your brand or organization. Or in the case of a church or […]

9 Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram is the future of social media. If you’re church isn’t using Instagram, there’s still time to get started! Churches are creating awesome content and using intentional strategies to get new people through their doors every week. Here are some of mine and our group‘s favorite churches to follow. City Hope Church Elevation Vous Church […]