Using Google Analytics and Search Console to Gain Actionable Insights for Your Church Website

Your church website is a funnel that brings new visitors to your church in-person. To increase the number of in-person visitors resulting from the funnel, there are two general areas in which you can improve: 1) Generate more “new visitor” traffic to your church website; 2) Do a better job of your website converting “new […]

On-Page SEO for Your Church Website

In today’s podcast episode, Katie Allred and Kenny Jahng discuss the three basic components of On-Page SEO Optimization: Metadata, Security, and Speed. Tune in to hear them explain the different components and add their valuable insight into each of these three components! For more information, visit Missional Marketing’s page, and be sure to download a […]

The Importance of Local SEO and Google My Business for Churches

Does your church show up in search results when someone searches for “church near me” in your area? What factors influence local search rankings? What should every church be doing with their Google My Business property? Tune in to hear Katie Allred and Kenny Jahng of Church Communications address all of these issues in today’s […]

The Key Elements of Your Church’s Homepage and Plan Your Visit Page

There are three audiences for your church’s website. 1) Those who already attend, 2) Those who are seeking a church, and 3) Those who are searching Google for help with Felt Needs. How do you position your homepage for these audiences? What components does your church website need to appeal to all three of these […]